We are company with strong Management capability and experience at different Firms world wide.

Project Management or Consulting, we are your right Partner.



Providing the right education proposal and planning for Dual-education (CN)

Project Management

We manage your Project, People and Teams to realize your Firm goals.

Industry 4.0

Realizing the benefits of digital networking

Lean Production

Establishment, control, and enhancement of global value-chain networks is an essential pillar of successful production strategies.

our advantages

Since issues involving global development and production processes are extremely challenging today, we set a high bar for ourselves as well. We’re able to meet this aspiration because we combine systematic innovation and use of best-practices knowledge and experience from different Firms we worked for it in the past.  At the time of employment we realize more than 100 projects with comprehensive sector know-how and deep, substantive expertise.

Our trademark is that we handle complexity with confidence, which is also the prerequisite for customized solutions.

Powerful and effective

Expert Business plans

Automotive Industry

 Digital Transformation I.4.0

Global production with the claim of offering a high level of quality and delivery reliability in all markets assumes robust and standardized best-practice processes, which are ideally developed and qualified in the parent plants according to lean production principles in order to be rolled out in the worldwide production network.

Modern assembly systems are in a position to manufacture complex products rich in variety and at competitive costs. They control piece production and the manufacture of small batches and are flexible in terms of fluctuations in the number of pieces.

Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things / IoT) is the umbrella term for the new value creation by combining  new  information, communication, automation and manufacturing technologies. Newly created Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)  enable completely new integration and networking scenarios for plants, machines and work-pieces. This enables efficiency enhancements beyond traditional lean management approaches and enables the optimization of  control systems and man-machine interaction.

Translation and Interpreter

qualification and Training

Factory and Logistic Planning

Our Interpretation Services can provide any type of interpretation, including on-demand telephonic, remote video, and on-site Service.

The theoretical understanding of operative excellence or learning principles is insufficient if you really want to develop yourself in a sustainable manner. Experience with application is the key to success.

Would you like to restructure or expand an existing location? To adapt one that has been acquired recently or plan one entirely from scratch? Whatever your preference. VIVID Manage provides you with the necessary and complete range of requirements from single source.



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